How technology has played a vital role in changing the way Transportation and Logistics business can function

Technological advancements have been drastically happening these days and it is seen that every industry now is becoming technologically driven. It could be for shopping groceries or it could be for booking a home service like laundry or cleaning. It could be for paying our Children’s school fees online or it could be for reserving a table at a restaurant. We are seeing that every industry and our daily needs are largely depending on technology. This is in fact a good move as things are becoming more convenient for us. We are able to carry out most of things without much of a physical exertion, without wasting much time, on our laptop with just a few clicks or on our mobile with just a tap.

Considering this technological advancements; in the area of transport and logistics, a Company called™ has come up with the best ideas. They have used technology extensively to change how things are working in this industry and through this they have streamlined the entire process of cargo transit.

They have not just automated processes, they have also made sure that the land transport vehicles are made use of to their fullest potential. Truck Owners can get businesses and work orders for shipment continuously. At no point during a transit, their trucks need to make a trip, without carrying goods. Truck Owners can grow their business and make revenue to the fullest extent. All these have been possible from their App, which is unique of its kind. The Bigtruck App has been developed using a deep thought process to make best use of the most latest technology to bring a revolution in the logistics industry.

Let us now understand what are the key features in the Bigtruck App through which the Truck Owners can benefit and grow their business to their fullest potential.

Find and bid for multiple shipment: While a truck is doing a trip, based on the location of the truck and the route in which truck is travelling, the truck owner can find shipment work orders on the App and bid for multiple shipments, depending on the capacity of the truck to carry the loads. After the truck owner bids on work orders and when the work order get assigned, the driver immediately gets intimation on the loads that he needs to pick up, along with the location details. This way, while a truck is doing a trip, the truck owner can make sure that the truck is carrying multiple loads. The truck owner can make sure that he has earned maximum possible revenue from a single trip of his truck.

Return Loads: While planning a trip for a truck, the truck owner need not be uncertain about the return loads. The truck owner can confidently send a truck to make a trip. Even after the truck has left to ship loads, the truck owner will still have ample time to look for work orders and shipment that the truck can carry while returning from the trip. The truck owners will be intimated of the return loads, based on the truck’s location, while it is returning from a trip. So, even before the truck has completed its previous trip, the truck gets to carry new loads from new work orders.

Showing more and more loads based on truck’s location: Based on the truck’s geo location, the truck owners will be shown the nearest and multiple work orders on which they can bid and take the shipment work orders. The trucks can stop over and load the shipment conveniently, without any waste of time, as the App shows the loads most accurately, depending on the truck’s route and geo location only, and the loads that can be conveniently picked up by the trucks, without any need for changing the route.

Online payment: At Bigtruck the payment process has been designed to entirely make it quick, hassle-free and transparent, keeping mind, both cargo owners and truck owners. The payment can be released in installments, once when the load has been picked up and the cargo owner gets an intimation, he may initiate the release for the first installment. Then, post delivery, when the cargo owner gets an intimation again, he may initiate the release for the next and final payment.

We highly recommend you use Bigtruck App to evidence the benefits of the features that it has. Once you have used this App, we are sure you will not use any other means for finding shipment work orders.

Download from Google play store – Bigtruck connect >>>Truck owner Partners Apps


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