Truck Tracking Technology and its differentiations

Truck tracking technology is a popular and advanced facet of science, and it has getting new dimensions with each and every passing year. The GPS tracking is nothing other than tracking a vehicle, the installation of GPS tracking app is beneficial, it is used by the truck owners for efficiency and cost – saving purposes. It can be used for any type of businesses or any size, the truck tracking technology gives sturdy support to develop their activities, their daily operations are becoming streamlined.

Vehicle tracking technology is the most inevitable strategy for any business to reduce the operational expenses and to improve profit rate, routing, customer service and efficiency. GPS truck tracking technology has highly improved over the time span of few years, making it now very viable economically and obviously with user friendly than ever before. There are many startups that came up with online truck booking/tracking platforms. Bigtruck is an app that makes online truck booking in Bangalore possible.

GPS technology furnishes navigational aids, precise tracking for phones. The operations coming under large fleet management are no longer the aloof businesses enjoying the benefits of truck tracking technology as almost every firm with an asset of mobile has been lifting to new heights of communication and accountability efforts.

Active and Passive Tracking Devices

In accordance with the combination of Vehicle tracking system, the use of automatic vehicle location with software that furnishes complete data of truck’s current location. As per the present situation in the market, vehicle tracking systems are mainly divided as “active” and “passive”. The GPS location, speed, heading etc. are store by passive devices.

Whenever the truck comes back to a pre destined point, the device is taken back and the data is downloaded to a computer for next evaluation. Passive systems on the other had merges automatic download type that changed through data wireless download. “Active” devices collect the similar details as of “passive” devices but commonly divide the data closer to approximate terms through cellular or satellite networks to a computer or data center for keen study.

Result of Big Data on SCM

Cellular Based Truck Tracking

The truck tracking system is the most economically viable method of tracking. In this method companies have the capacity to track the mobile phone of the truck driver. Perhaps the driver may be attending a call or talking to somebody, the radio signals received by the towers can help to find the location of the vehicle.

So whichever base station the phone dialogisms with the company may understand the phone is close to that base. Hence approximation can be fulfilled by modern systems which support to recognize the sector in which the mobile phone remains and roughly calculate the distance to the base station.

Similary, In the current era of smartphones, a driver can install an app like Bigtruck and the truck owner gets complete imformation. Although its mainly used for booking truck online in Hyderabad or any other citis in India, and transport loads from one destination to another, it also gives complete information about the vehicle.

Wireless Passive Tracking System

The wireless tracking system is something little more expensive than cellular tracking system but only one time pay is enough to users for its purchase and installation. One of the prominent demerits of this system is accessibility as the data can only be accessed after the vehicle touches the proposed destination.

This device is not supportive in case of inevitable emergencies like theft or road accidents as the tracking system is passive in nature and not real-time. Anyway this problem can be solved by connecting an additional model on the vehicle with some related cost. With the support of this extra tool, the fleet managers will be able to find out the vehicles in real time and maintain details about the whereabouts of the vehicles.

Satellite based Tracking System

This system of truck tracking is too much expensive and obviously this service requires a monthly fee. This kind of tracking system is mostly used by the trucking and shipping companies as it furnishes vast and real – time details of the vehicles in places complicated with no cell phone reach ability or no cell phone coverage. This truck tracking device is considered as the most result oriented and effective when compared with the other two types of truck tracking system as it can furnish information about the trucks in any situation or area.

With all these mentioned advanced technology devices every business can clearly evaluate and keep a track on their valued assets and check on the improvements of their orders. With the exact and right type of GPS tracking app or device in place you can uplift security, customer confidence and your bottom line as business. All of these mentioned tracking devices are really effective and very usefully supports to positive growth for your business.*82989

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